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Fereikos is based in Αncient Corinth, Greece and oversees the global development of organic snail farming and snail products.
The company’s name is derived from two ancient Greek words – “fero” – to carry, and “oikos” – house, which when combined, translates literally as “I carry my own house”, an apt description of the snail.
Fereikos is focused on two principles: people and quality.
During the years we invest in R&D in order to develop new methods and know how in the farming sector and innovative products.
Not only did we revolutionize the snail farming, but while doing this we have developed a new business model for the primary sector.
We believe in synergies with people and companies that share the same values such as:
– Continuous improvement
– Innovation
– Environmental responsibility
– Respect of tradition
– Promote culinary excellence
– Promote a healthy Mediterranean diet and nutrition
Fereikos has been honoured with several awards for the services and products.